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Discover ESZKA's latest knitted masterpiece!

Our new double-sided knitted coats and kimono, inspired by clouds, marble water and many other beautiful natural elements. This coats embodies the essence of cozy elegance, where comfort meets style in every stitch.

Introducing ESZKA's double-sided knit coats - the ultimate in multifunctionality and style. Thanks to its reversible design, these coats offers two stylish looks in one piece, perfect for an effortless blend of comfort and refinement. Layer it over a knit dress for a chic daytime look, or throw it on with your favourite knit dress for extra comfort. Boost your wardrobe with this must-have piece from the eszka knitwear collection, the perfect balance between fashion and functionality.

 1. Marble & Mineral pattern kimono

This double-sided kimono is inspired by majestic marble and the natural minerals. The light-based marble pattern perfectly complements a simple denim and t-shirt ensemble for daytime wear. In the evening, swap the t-shirt for a light top or shirt, turn the coat inside out, and you'll be resplendent in a chic black marble pattern, ideal for evening outings even on colder spring days.


2. Oil & Clear water pattern light coat

This double-sided knitted light coat draws inspiration from the fluidity of water. One side features stunning patterns and colours reminiscent of oily water on a dark background, while the reverse side shows off pastel colours reflecting clear water. Both sides complement a variety of colourful or minimalist outfits. 

3. Smoke & cloud pattern light coat

This cool coat has got you covered with two awesome looks: one side rocks a trendy dust pattern, while the flip side brings those chill vibes with a laid-back cloud design. Switch it up whenever you feel like it, whichever suits your everyday outfit better.

Check it out in our webshop or visit our ESZKA shop in Nyár street, Budapest.
2024. Februar

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